Graphic Design: Why It Matters in the Success of Your Website

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Why do you think customers are bouncing off your website? There are many reasons why this could be happening but a poor visual design impression could be a cause. Over the years in the web design business, MangoMatter has always emphasized the significance of graphic design when it comes to your website’s success. Having an in-house graphic designer could be expensive but you can always outsource professional freelance graphic designers.

Here are the reasons why it matters having high-quality graphics in the success of your website:

Helps create the first impression

The impression one gets when he visits your website for the first time will determine whether he or she will fulfill your set goals such as making a purchase, email or newsletter subscription. Applying the best and modern graphics help you catch the first attention of the customer.

Building a relationship with customers

Many customers will not remember the name of the company MangoMatter but the logo of the company will stick in their mind. Whenever they find the logo they will feel some sense of relationship with the company.

Customers building a relationship with your website will sooner or later convert into a lead or prospect. Visuals are known to build a relationship with customers very fast compared to written content.

Cool graphics evoke emotions

Capturing the mind of your website visitors should be the ultimate goal of visuals. You must have heard ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Through pictures, you can bring out the aspects of trust, sadness, hope, delight, self-confidence or comfort. The emotion created will determine the conversion rate of your website. This means that you should select visuals depending on your website’s niche.

Beautifying your website

Imagine if a website has content only? It must be awful. Graphic designer’s responsibility is to ensure the website looks aesthetic and appealing to the users. Who would like to own a ramshackle house? Why should think of owning such as a website too?

A clean and elaborate website is easy to use for customers, hence increasing the conversion meaning more success will be achieved.

Graphics are entertaining

Don’t perceive your visitors to be robots. They require some entertainment. Using animated visuals you can easily capture the attention of the visitors to your website. This reduces the bounce rate of your website and could eventually bring on-board a promising prospect. If visitors feel entertained on visiting your website this will basically increase the number of returning visitors hence high retention rate.

Final thought

It is important not to neglect the small aspects when carrying out a web design project. Professional graphic design is necessary to ensure brand awareness and a long lasting relationship with your visitors.

The website should also be accessible, usable and findable. Combining all aspects of website design will make your visitors get the most out of it, hence building a strong foundation for the future of your website. High quality graphic design is an essential for customer retention. Graphic design is a key pillar which will determine your website’s success now and in the future.

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