Hottest 5 portfolio builders you’ll want to check out today

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A while back,
only artists and creative professionals used to have portfolios. However, the
trends have changed these days. Now, EVERY professional could benefit from
having one.

It doesn’t have
to be about showing pretty pictures of your work. In fact, an online portfolio
website’s real purpose is to provide a tangible evidence of the value of your

But how can you
create a portfolio website if you have zero experience in web developing? The
answer might come as a surprise but it is actually quite easy.

Designing a
website is no longer as complicated as it used to be. All you need is the right
tool. We are going to take a look at some of the best website builders out
there to make the choice easier for you.

1. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is
one of the best WordPress page builders and it will make the whole process of
designing a website a walk in the park.

Absolutely no
coding experience is needed and it all comes down to a few simple clicks. With
this drag & drop tool, you can create your new online portfolio in less
than an hour!

As a plus,
Elementor offers a library of templates and themes, as well as some useful
icons and widgets – completely free of charge!

Apart from
all the useful cool features, this website builder offers, what truly sets it
apart from the competition is its speed. Elementor is the fastest website
builder out there and everything happens instantly.

To make
things even better, even though there is no coding involved in the website
building process, the results are astonishing. All designs are responsive and
look amazing on all devices and screens!

Elementor for free if you want to join 1,000,000+ users who have been enjoying
this easy and fast way to build WordPress websites!

2. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise is one of those great
website builders that give you a total control over your site. Since it is an
offline builder, you are not tied to any platform and you can work on your
website wherever and whenever.

The whole process of designing
a website with Mobirise is fast and simple; there is no coding involved and it
all comes down to simple drag & drop.

The latest Google AMP and
Bootstrap4 guarantee that every site designed with Mobirise is as fast as it
gets while also being entirely responsive and mobile friendly.

Mobirise comes with:

  • 1200+ trendy website blocks and templates
  • 7,000+ icons
  • 850 Google fonts
  • 500,000 free images

Another big plus is that it is
free for commercial use (both for you and for your clients).

3. Portfoliobox

Portfoliobox is an
ideal website builder for those who don’t want to be restricted by templates
and themes. If you want your site to be completely unique, Portfoliobox makes
it possible by allowing you to design each page using a different style.

The website builder itself
is pretty easy to use and developer-friendly. The designing process requires no
coding experience and the interface is very intuitive, which makes it easy even
for the non-techies to create nice-looking portfolio websites.

Portfoliobox comes in
both the free and the premium plan. Both plans offer some pretty impressive
features so it boils down to your own personal needs and requirements. The pro
plan will cost you $82.8 per year or $8.9 per month.

Check out
Portfoliobox’s student account – you will not regret it.

4. SITE123

SITE123 is a free website builder that will help you create a great
online portfolio in less than an hour!

The website designing process requires no coding experience and is easy
thanks to SITE123’s intuitive interface.

You will be able to design beautiful, SEO optimized, and mobile-friendly
websites easier than ever! As a plus, SITE123 supports 56 languages, and you
can manage your website from your mobile!

5. Pixpa

Pixpa is a great tool for creative professionals to manage their complete
online presence from one place. You can create a pixel-perfect, professional
portfolio website. Integrated eCommerce, blog, and client galleries are a part
of the package.

Pixpa offers a variety of cool features including:

  • Trendy, mobile-friendly templates
  • Integrated client galleries, blog, and e-commerce
  • SSL security
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • 24/7 support

Sign up for a free 15 days trial period to start building your website on

Why You Should Have a Career Portfolio

Do you know how the
majority of people look for work? They do it exactly the opposite way the employers
pick the job candidates.

Many people still rely
on resumes, cover letters, and job board. Unfortunately, that is no longer
enough – and that is where the portfolios come in!

Here are several
reasons why you should have a career portfolio:

1. It Helps You Get Organized

The organization of
your professional documentation is crucial. You will have it all in one place.
Work examples, resumes, cover letters, and copies of professional Licenses. and
certifications, letters of recommendations will also need to be there.

Having all that
documentation in one place is highly beneficial. It will help the employer get
a better idea of what they can expect from you. It also helps you to keep track
of everything and updating it accordingly.

2. It Convinces Others of Your Skills and Abilities

Describing your work in
words is one thing. But having a tangible proof takes it to a completely
different level.

Having a well-designed
portfolio will help you make a better first impression. It will also let the
employer get a better idea of who they are choosing to do the job for them.

Every employer wants to
minimize the risk when hiring someone new. A good portfolio is definitely
always helpful in that matter.

3. It Increases Your Visibility

No one will hire you if
they have never heard of you – it is as simple as that. You need to take every
chance you can get to market yourself and increase your visibility.


Every professional can
benefit from having a well-put online portfolio. It helps to strengthen a brand
and to add value to a job application. It also helps keep your professional
documentation organized.

Don’t have a portfolio
website because you are worried about the cost of building one? Maybe it is
time to change the way you think about it.

There are many great tools out there that are completely free of charge.
They will help you to build your new online portfolio in 1 day!

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