How do you involve design in life without even noticing it?

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The design is a
key part of our lives. It has the goal of making our lives better and easier.
If you look around, you will realise that it is everywhere. Even cleaning up
your room is also a part of it. But how should you
incorporate design thinking as a student in school? Here are tips that will
help in designing your life in school

Design thinking

Design thinking may sound complicated but
is a simple way of solving our day to day problems. One of its key features
that makes it different from other ways of solving problems is
that it focuses on the person with the problem. 
This is a type of thinking that can be applied in different situations.
While it has its background in business, you can also incorporate it in the
classroom and to tackle different subjects or level including Masters or PhD level.

How students can
incorporate design thinking in school

The first step in
creative thinking to determine the problem. This could be either a small one
that only affects students or a big problem affecting the environment and
immigration. Students should determine the problem they want to solve. Remember
that part of writing a dissertation is determining a problem that you would
like to solve. Writing a book or a dissertation is also a key part of it. This
is because it will require the thoughts to be put in an organised manner. If
you are searching for a custom dissertation
writing service
, you will need to ensure that you
get a reliable and creative dissertation writing company that incorporates
creative thinking.  You may be looking for a thesis  idea for your science paper. You have noticed that students in the UK tend to
throw cans rather than recycle them and you can choose to make this the subject
of your paper. The most important thing is to ensure that you have an idea of
the user.


After establishing
a problem, you need to brainstorm. For instance, in our previous example of
recycling, we found out that the main users of recycling bins are usually the
students.  One way that you can do the
brainstorming is by conducting interviews with students. Depending on the
answer you get, you can immediately start to brainstorm various solutions.

If you suddenly
noticed that there was a shortage of recycling bins while having an interview,
you would start to think how to solve this problem. Remember that not only the
design thinking is positive but there are no wrong solutions of a problem. Make
sure you always write down all the ideas that come to your mind. This is the
same process that you should use when writing a law paper AU.


After brainstorming
a solution
, now you move to the next stage. 
If you are going with our past example and you have realized that the
dumping is as a result of the lack of bins, you can write that in your custom essay. You may even go to the
next step and recommend how these ideas can be implemented.


After the
establishment of the design, you will have to present it either to peers
groups, the classroom or even other students that you interviewed at the start
of that process. The portion of the presentation is quite important as this is
what results in the feedback which can result in more improvement.


Depending on the
feedback you got, there are some parts of the prototype that you may need to
change. Design
thinking should be cyclical
, taking into account the feedback of the user
so as to continue with the solution. Bear in mind that good design does not
exist in a vacuum and you can have more than one answer. This is why we now
have flat screen TVs, LED TVs and even smart TVs.  All these are the results of the improvement
of the original black and white TV.

Again, if we are
to go with the recycling example, it could happen that the audience did not
like the location of the bins for one reason or the other. It could also be
that they thought the new bin shapes may make them look like trash cans. If you
have enough time, you can take this feedback and get back to the stage of
brainstorming.  You can use this same
process to create your person.


After we observed
a general example, you can apply this form of thinking in other various ways.
You can assist to design your own classroom. You will also use the same process
when searching for service in Australia
to design for you an essay.

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