KDU Launches Core Site, Reintroduces Solstice

Post pobrano z: KDU Launches Core Site, Reintroduces Solstice
20101201_151445_sol_z_front.jpgThe KDU (Keystone Design Union) has launched a new core site, designed to disseminate the work and views of its lead members. Here’s a note about the launch in the society’s own words: „This is the dawn of A New Age. A Rebirth of our original agenda. A return to our beginnings. The KDU Core represents the unfiltered, uncorrupted collective
consciousness of the most dedicated and loyal members of our Private
Society. This is a victory for art over the constant controlling hand
of the corporate machine.”

More info: http://thekducore.com/

The KDU has also relaunched Solstice, a journal dubbed „the graphical expansion of the identity of The Keystone Design
Union, representing the attitudes, opinions and codes of the world’s
largest Design Society.”

More info: Solstice 2.0

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