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Designing logos is hard! It takes time, skills, experience, creativity, and you never know how your work will be perceived if you are the designer. On the client’s side, you are investing considerable money without knowing if you will be satisfied with the outcoming logo.

Knowing this, it’s impressive to see what Looka has achieved with its free logo designing tool. Powered by AI, the tool allows you to not only create a professional logo in a matter of minutes but also to design all the branding elements you need as well as social media kits.

The Process: How Designing With Looka Works

One of Looka’s main advantage is probably the onboarding process. On-screen, the logo design tool takes you through a series of questions to better understand your needs and your visual tastes.

This is actually the way graphic designers work when interviewing their clients to get started on a logo design. The only difference is that the process is so much faster with Looka.

The logo selection helps the IA to understand your tastes in the matter of logo design.
During the process, Looka tries to identify the type of color schemes that would work best for you.

Once you are done with the questionnaire, some logos will be generated based on your answers. You can choose the logo that best matches your needs, then it’s possible to click into the logo and see all the different variations of colors, fonts, symbols, graphics, etc.

The Results: Great Logo Design & Branding

As you can see below, the results you can obtain with Looka are quite stunning. With the Looka Enterprise package, you get the full branding experience and can download ready-to-use business cards and other branding assets for printing or for the web.

To get a quality design like these, it doesn’t take a long process or cost huge money, so get started right away!

Quick Creation of Social Media Kits

Another priceless feature of Looka is the possibility to create visuals for social media extremely quickly. In a time when you need to manage a lot of accounts to be seen online, this will save you some precious time.

In short, this possibility allows you to download your logo in a bunch of different formats for social media profiles, they even include some formats that we tend to forget, such as the email signature image, for example.

There is Even a Website Builder Included!

On top of all these amazing features, Looka provides you with a website builder, which will be good enough for most websites, thanks to the many included features.

This extra-feature gives you almost all you need to quickly and cheaply build a strong presence for your company both online and offline.

There are already over 5 million entrepreneurs who trusted Looka to handle their branding, there is a good reason for that, just give it a try for yourself!

Thanks for being a subscriber, here is your FREE house vector icons set.

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