Love You to Bits

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Here’s a bitter sweet love story for Broken Social Scene’s “Sweetest Kill” directed by Claire Edmondson. 

“Sweetest Kill” is from the 2010 album Forgiveness Rock Record and the video stars Bijou Phillips and was shot over one day in Los Angeles. The video, although very sweet in its styling (Edmondson is a former stylist) and art direction, features a pretty brutal and gory kill.
 „The killing is more metaphorical than actual,” says Edmondson. The whole video is really just about keeping the people you love, but can’t be with, in a beautiful place”.
The video, which was partially funded by MuchFact, the music video, epk, viral video and website production fund exclusively funded by Canadian music television stations MuchMusic and MuchMore, has been banned by both stations due to its content. “I’m not surprised by the ban,” says Edmondson, “but I also never made it with the intention of creating controversy.” 

Broken Social Scene – Sweetest Kill on Vimeo


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