Pour Me A Drink

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Pour Me a Drink” – A short film collaboration between Filler Magazine and Sons and Daughters director Jessica Edwards. 

A modern day homage to Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, “Pour Me a Drink” is a short film showcasing fashion created for Toronto-based Filler Magazine.

Launched in 2009, Filler Magazine is an online magazine featuring fashion, art, culture and film. “We wanted to give artists a platform to showcase their work,” says Ryan Johnson, Creative Director Filler Magazine. “The videos on our site are a form of editorial content and ‘Pour Me a Drink’ is a collaboration between fashion and film showcasing three looks for both men and women. We went for a dark and moody love story so the clothes would pop.” Continues Johnson.

“These two models are 2010 versions of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton,” adds director Jessica Edwards. “I wanted to create a subtle narrative where the models are living mannequins and fashion is featured within the story but is not the entire story.”

Full credits and a selection of stills are posted here.


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