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Resin is an Australian based boutique visual effects, animation & live action studio. Their most recent project for the Motor Accident CommissionMAC ‘Body Paint’, looks at educating motorcycle riders on the importance of wearing the right safety gear. There is a perception out there that if you have you’re helmet on you’ll be ok, but reality is if you aren’t wearing the right gear, you might as well be wearing nothing.

Enter awesome idea….and seriously cool production to be involved

We were fortunate enough to work with a great team led by Director
Phil Meatchem at Filmgraphics Entertainment. The shared creative vision that
Phil and the team at Clemenger brought to the project has resulted in something
that we think will go far and hopefully help change the attitude of
motorcyclists. It was also a privilege to get to work with the very talented
artist Emma Hack who provided body paint.

…we got to make a hot motorbike, break shit up and throw it around the screen, peel skin off and paint on blood bits. Luckily we had some people keeping the reigns on otherwise we may not have ended up with the PG rating we needed to achieve, it was all getting a bit Freddy Krueger at one point with some of the damage we were adding to our motorcyclist.

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