rheo by Ryoichi Kurokawa

Post pobrano z: rheo by Ryoichi Kurokawa
Based on concrete images & HD field recordings, Ryoichi Kurokawa
transfigures and distorts original analogue material with digital
processes. This – very much alike the human brain – represents memory
where visual and auditory perception is reconstructed in an unconscious
way. Thus virtual images and reality merge in an uncontrollable way.
Ryoichi Kurokawa’s time-based audiovisual design is displayed in a
3dimensional digital mode to see sounds, listen to pictures and read an
audiovisual language.

The title of Ryoichi Kurokawa’s new project ‚rheo’ is inspired from the
famous expression of Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus „panta
rhei”, which means „everything is in a state of flux”. Heraclitus
alluded to his parable: „You can never cross twice the same river”
because both water and person will temporally have changed.

Video here

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