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How can we forget the scent of dolls? A smell of plastic mixed with vanilla, with an after-taste of Roberts talcum powder, that enchanted you at the first encounter. You felt you could eat them.
Their names were Sissy, Corolle, Dennis and Stellina. There they were in the play-room, you pressed a button and like magic some sang, some walked and others did a pee. They had blue or brown eyes, with those mechanical eyelids that closed when you laid them down. But sometimes they stuck and the eyes stayed open even when they slept. Now, years later, you find the same faces here. They look at you with the same big eyes. They talk, laugh, dance and joke… like children. Because that’s what they are. Children we ask too much of, to be perfect, like dolls. Who speak at least two languages correctly, go to lessons in riding, dancing, swimming, judo, singing, fencing and athletics. Children who behave themselves at the table, who know when to speak and when not to.
And who don’t whine too much. Children who have become sons and daughters of perfection, pretence and image, manipulated by the media and the social context and who are inevitably losing their naturalness. This is the Puppet Show, the new artistic project by the photographers Winkler+Noah: 30 portraits of children from two to eight years old, taken very naturally and transformed into dolls by a subtle play of retouching. An exhibit which becomes a starting point for reflection, sociological research and introspection, to better understand ourselves and the world around us. And to understand that the best present we can give to children is to let them be children.

– Luerzers Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers
– American Photography NY 24
– IPA Los Angeles
– Photography Master Cup London

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