TYPO Berlin 2009 – SPACE

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TYPO Berlin started out in 1995 as a design and media conference bringing people together.

TYPO Berlin is one of Europe’s most important regularly scheduled typography conferences. Each year, the conference is dedicated to a thematic motto. The TYPO online archive contains a wealth of information about previous conferences. On the video blog you can see lectures from previous years and the TYPO Berlin blog will keep you up to date on this year’s events.

FontShops 14th International Design Conference, TYPO Berlin 2009, starts Thursday. This year’s theme is SPACE. Over three days, more than 50 speakers working on four stages will expand your horizons, providing inspiration, technical tips and entertainment. This year will see even more lectures, discussions, workshops, initiatives, networking and roundtables.

From the plastic button of an iPhone application to installations that fill entire spaces: The issue of spatiality plays an increasingly important role in the work of many visual designers. Luminaries from the disciplines of graphics, design, media and art will present their positions at the TYPO Berlin Among the speakers are well-known designers such as: Chip KiddJoshua Davis – Sol Sender ( designer of Barack Obama’s candidacy logo ) – Gerard Unger and many more

Venue – Haus der Kulturen der Welt
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