Visual Composer’s New Name: and Why An Explanation Is in Order

Post pobrano z: Visual Composer’s New Name: and Why An Explanation Is in Order

Anytime a popular product undergoes a
change, especially when the name if the brand is impacted, it’s bound to create
a certain amount of confusion – especially among long-time users.

At least some of you may have noticed that
the Visual Composer Page Builder appears to have disappeared from the scene.
Highly popular page-building tools don’t simply go away, any more than
long-time favorite breakfast cereals simply vanish from the marketplace.

To add to the confusion, you still see the
Visual Composer Website Builder advertised, which could lead some to think that
the Page Builder was simply swallowed up by the Website Builder.

Nothing could be farther from the truth as
the two are quite different animals, although not totally different in some
respects, and we would like to apologize
to our users and our long-time partners for the confusion we’ve created

Our apology and some clarification is the
purpose of this article. The Visual Composer Page Builder is still with us, but
under a different name. The Visual Composer Website Builder is still
with us too, and the name remains the same.

Why did we rename the Visual Composer Page

We didn’t want to, but we really had no
choice. The problem we faced was caused by the emergence of our new product –
the Visual
Composer Website Builder
, which is 
entirely different from the Visual Composer Page Builder, and serves
a different purpose.

The Website Builder is not as some have
been led to believe, a souped-up version of the Page Builder.

The VC Page Builder is an Envato-exclusive
product that features a lifetime license; just like all the other products sold
by Envato.

The VC Website Builder is a much more
complex product whose development costs are simply too high to be supported by
a lifetime license. Because of these high costs, it made more sense to switch
the VC Website Builder to annual licensing.

Problem solved? Not quite. Marketplace
contract limitations would not allow us to sell a product outside the platform
using the VC name.

This left us with a couple of options:

Option 1. By changing the name of the VC
Page Builder, we could free ourselves of the contractual limitations involved
in selling it. Changing a familiar and popular name was something we were
naturally reluctant to do.

Option 2. We could slim down our new
product (the VC Website Builder) to the point that the lower development costs
would nicely fit in with the lifetime license model.

The problem with Option 2 was that the VC
Website Builder would be far less flexible and powerful than planned, which was
in direct opposition to the route we intended to take.

In the final analysis, we looked at Option
1 as the lesser of two evils, and we decided that a name change was more
palatable than compromising on the quality of our new product.

So – we changed the name
of the Visual Composer Page Builder to
WP Bakery.

out the following video if you’re interested in knowing about the name change
in greater detail.

We though
we solved our problem, but we failed to anticipate the confusion the name
change would cause.

wondered where the VC Page Builder disappeared to.

wondered if VC Website Builder was the Page Builder under a new name, an
enhanced Page Builder, or something entirely different.

they wondered what  WP Bakery had to do with anything.

The explanation: We have two plugins, the Visual
Composer Website Builder
and WP Bakery. Let’s see what sets
them apart.

What is WP Bakery?

Bakery is simply the new name for the Visual Composer Page Builder. Only the
name has changed. All the features you loved and worked with are still there.

What is the Visual Composer Website Builder?

The Visual Composer Website Builder is a brand new tool, and NOT a premium
version of the former Visual Composer Page Builder as some may have been led to

the VC Website Builder, you can create an entire website from scratch, and do
so easily thanks to its drag and drop features and a large and diverse
selection of WordPress templates to work with. There are templates for a
variety of page types, plus you can use the VC Website Builder with any
WordPress theme.

can be edited with the front-end editor and the tree view. The latter allows
you to see your changes in real time – a definite time-saver.

a free and a Premium version of the VC Website Builder are available. The
Premium version has, as you would expect, several additional features including
one that really stands out as it allows you to access the header, footer, and
sidebar editor.

What’s the difference between WP Bakery and Visual
Composer Website Builder?

quick view:

that WP Bakery can only be used for the content part, while
the Visual Composer Website Builder allows you to build a complete website from

WP Bakery is shortcode-based, while the VC Website Builder is not. By not using
shortcodes it allows you to generate clean code and also avoid nuisance
problems when you disable the plugin.

can find the complete list of differences between WP Bakery and VC Website
Builder here.

thing to like about the VC Website Builder is the cloud-based Hub where you’ll
find an array of interesting and useful design elements and add-ons to help you
turn your visions and ideas into realities.

product comes with its own set of features and benefits. While we’ve worked
hard to develop VC Website Builder, we haven’t forgotten about WP Bakery. So
far, only the name has changed, but we’ll always be working hard to provide the
best customer experience possible – for both products.

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