Visualizing Vivaldi into geometric shapes and colors

Post pobrano z: Visualizing Vivaldi into geometric shapes and colors

Graphic designer, Laia Clos, of Barcelona’s Mot Studio, created her own musical notation system called „SisTeMu”. Here we see the score of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons translated into geometric shapes and colors. They’re being sold now as posters.


The project, called „Lesquatrestacions”…began „by accident” last year when Clos wanted to make a gift for her studio clients based on „the idea of linking music, graphics and data visualization.” She began with a set of stamps, but fell down the rabbit hole and ending up creating SisTeMu, „a graphic notation system which looks at interpreting musical texture,” she tells Co.Design. „It somewhat simplifies the complexity and mathematical structure, making it accessible to the viewer through a visual narrative.”


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