Peter Arnell defends Tropicana rebrand

At a Pepsi press conference, Peter Arnell, of Arnell Group, defends the new, but recently dumped, Tropicana rebrand.

According to Peter, it’s about giving eachother hugs, and “the power of love”. Unfortunately for him, there just wasn’t enough love to go ’round, but it does seem like the orange-coloured boobie is here to stay.

Tropicana rebrand

The image above shows the old, but re-instated design on the left, and the new, but dumped design on the right (minus the specially engineered cap, which we’ll get to squeeze every morning).

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The 50 dollar logo experiment

cheeses of nazareth

Jim Walls, creative director at 160over90, has published an insight of his dealings with He was promised six logo designs, unlimited revisions, and a 1–3 day turnaround, but one year on and he’s still waiting for the right identity.

“How are the redesigns coming along? It’s been nearly three months since my last request!”

Read the email conversation between Jim and ‘Abina’ here:

The 50 Dollar Logo Experiment

Somewhat related, and back in August, Doug Bartow published a logo experiment of his own. He spent $825 comparing four online logo design companies, giving them all the same design brief. Worth a read.

Have you had any similar experiences?

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