10th anniversary tribute? / Vite, Vite encore une autre!

Domino’s Pizza – Fast delivery service – 1998
Agency : Ogilvy & Mather (Singapore)
Pizza Hut – Fast delivery service – 1998
Agency : JWT (Portugal)
speed1998 speed2008
Vegemite “gets you going” – 1998
Agency : Mojo Partners (Australia)
Il Tramezzino “the faster catering service” – 12/2008
Source : Adsoftheworld.com
Agency : DraftFCB Hamburg (Germany)
Ils ont attendu 10 ans pour nous resservir cette idée quelque peu réchauffée. Histoire d’être bien sur que tout le monde l’avait oubliée?

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CSS Tooltips Pointers With No Images

Filament Group is sharing a method of "creating CSS tooltip pointers with no images" that we’ll probably see in the upcoming jQuery UI widgets.

It uses Polygonal CSS, a trick to display non rectangular shapes, for creating the tooltip pointer (a triangle).

CSS Tooltips - Polygonal CSS

Although the method looks experimental, it is cross-browser & provides ease for creating flexible solutions by not requiring an image.

The website explains how it is achieved in detail & the solution will probably become more popular once we see them in the jQuery UI widgets.

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Digital Kitchen Founder Paul Matthaeus Steps Down

Seattle, WA – March 5 2009 (Press release):

Paul Matthaeus, Digital Kitchen founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer has stepped down as DK’s ranking creative visionary to pursue new creative endeavors outside the company, and has delegated day-to-day creative leadership to DK’s creative managers under the supervision of Mark Bashore as Head of Creative, yet Matthaeus will remain a major interest holder, board member and creative consultant.

Matthaeus explained, “It’s been an amazing ride, but I grew to renew my need for greater intimacy with the creative work. So it’s time to break new ground again- I intend to take my experience founding and building DK and apply it to entirely new initiatives. The opportunity to build something wildly creative is what inspired me to start DK, and that’s what I intend to do again.”

“Paul is a visionary,” comments Don McNeill, Matthaeus’ partner since 2000. “For the nine years we’ve built DK together, he’s never lost sight of the importance of great creative work and great talent. But he always keeps a keen eye on what’s next. So I’m excited to see Paul embark on another creative journey. Whatever he decides to pursue will undoubtedly be cool. He’s a great partner and great friend.”

Since DK’s inception in 1995, DK grew from a three-man shop adjoining the kitchen of Matthaeus’ regional advertising agency into a bi-coastal creative network with over 90 full and part-time employees with offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle- the largest independent design-driven production company in North America. Matthaeus noted, “If appropriate, I fully intend to deploy the resources and infrastructure of DK in my new ventures.” DK has worked for clients including Nike, Adidas, AT&T, Microsoft, GM, Ferrari, HBO, Showtime, Dreamworks, Sony Entertainment, and all the major networks.

Under Matthaeus’ leadership, the work of Digital Kitchen has been celebrated in Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Entertainment Weekly, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Communication Arts, Graphis, and AdWeek. This year Matthaeus garnered DK their 10th Emmy(r) nomination- more than any firm of their kind in the last seven years.

Matthaeus is probably best known for his creative approach in television entertainment- which includes the opening creative direction for Six Feet Under, Nip / Tuck, House, Rescue Me, Ghost Whisperer, The Path to 9/11, The Company and Dexter. His latest contribution was in the creation of the opening sequence for True Blood, the highly anticipated HBO series that broke this Fall by Oscar-winning creator/writer/director Alan Ball.

“What I like about Digital Kitchen’s creative approach is their intuitive ability to depart from the status quo,” said Alan Ball, creator/director, True Blood. ” We first worked with DK on the titles for ‘Six Feet Under’ and the opening for True Blood is equally thrilling. This vivid title sequence so effectively evokes the spirit of the show. It immediately transports the viewer into the True Blood world.”

Regardless, it could be argued that Matthaeus’ greatest contribution lies beyond the offices of Digital Kitchen. He has mentored hundreds of young digital filmmakers, many of who have gone on to found their own firms. He also has evangelized the creative process at countless design conferences, marketing and broadcast media symposiums including AIGA, American Marketing Association, SIGGRAPH, FlashForward, and InVerge, a national symposium on digital media convergence.

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Digital Kitchen Founder Paul Matthaeus Steps Down

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The FORMAT 09 festival kicks off today with a plethora of events in and around Derby, UK.

FORMAT is one of the UK’s leading contemporary photography and media festivals. The festival celebrates the wealth of contemporary practice in international photography. FORMAT is showing an incredible range of new work alongside the best known practitioners of the world.

Featuring: David Lynch, Hannah Starkey, Muge, Zhang Xiao, Gregory Crewdson, William Eggleston, Cindy Sherman, Jonas Mekas, Eric Baudelaire, Simon Roberts, Mark Read, Nichola Dove, Bethany Murray, Magnum Cinema, Pang Xuan, Wim Wenders, Steve Harries and Mel Bles + many more.

The FORMAT 09 website has been running over the last few weeks with an amazing 1600+ submissions from all corners of the globe, with many more to come as the festival continues throughout March. Anyone can become part of the festival via the Your PHOTOCINEMA website . Selected submissions will be shown online, via the BBC’s Outdoor Big Screen in the heart of Derby and at selected exhibitions.

FORMAT 09 Website
QUAD Media Centre

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