GE Meet Molly, the Kid Who Never Stops Inventing

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GE has launched “Meet Molly, the Kid Who Never Stops Inventing”, a commercial celebrating the engineering solutions developed at GE. We’re introduced to Molly, a young girl who comes up with brilliant solutions to problems in the home, including taking out the trash, selling Girl Guide cookies, making her bed, sweeping the floor and mowing the lawns. As she grows up, the innovation and ingenuity continue, taking us to the present time with her working as an engineer at GE. GE’s messages: “We are 300,000 people building, moving, powering and curing to accomplish one goal: making the world work better.” “GE works on things that matter. Building, powering, moving and curing the world. Not just imagining. Doing.” “Imagination and hard work make the world better”.

GE Meet Molly

“Meet Molly” is an expression of GE’s effort to bridge the gender gap in employment. GE has set goals of having 20,000 women fill STEM roles (requiring science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) at GE by 2020 and obtaining 50:50 representation for all their technical entry-level programs. The strategy will significantly increase the representation of women in the engineering, manufacturing, IT and product management roles at GE. The campaign began with “Mille”, a commercial featuring Millie Dresselhaus

Meet Molly Credits

The Meet Molly campaign was developed at BBDO New York by chief creative officer worldwide David Lubars, chief creative officer, NY Greg Hahn, executive creative director Michael Aimette, senior creative director/art director Eric Goldstein, creative director/copywriter Fred Kovey, head of production David Rolfe, executive producer George Sholley, content producer Jack Patrick, head of music production Rani Vaz.

Filming was shot by director/DP Lance Acord via Park Pictures with executive producer Scott Howard, line producer Caroline Kousidonis.

Editor was Paul Watts via WAX/The Quarry with assistant editor Drew Balke, executive producer Tor Adams, and producer Annabelle Cuthbert.

Visual effects were produced at A52 by producer Kim Christensen, lead CG artist Andy Wilkoff, conform artist Pat Murphy. Graphic design was produced at Elastic by Kim Christensen.

Colourist was Tim Masick at Company 3 with producer Rochelle Brown.

Sound was designed at One Thousand Birds. Audio post was done at Sonic Union by engineer Michael Marinelli and producer Justine Cortale. Music is “Di-Gue-Ding-Ding” by Michel Legrand.

4 Global Ecommerce Trends & What They Mean for You

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Ecommerce has been around for over twenty years, but things are just starting to heat up. Right now, the industry is seeing major growth as consumers are making more purchases online than ever before.

Not to mention that some of the key players, such as Amazon, are looking to take things to the next level with all sorts of futuristic innovations. Here are four global trends happening in ecommerce right now, and what they mean for vendors like you.

International Growth and the Rise of Mobile

According to a new forecast published by eMarketer; China – the world’s largest ecommerce market – is expected to reach $1.12 trillion in retail ecommerce sales in 2017. Mobile purchases are driving much of this growth: “By the end of 2018, more than 75 percent of ecommerce sales in China… will be transacted via a mobile device,” says eMarketer. This creates a huge opportunity for ecommerce vendors looking to break into the global market. It also prescribes a method for success; primarily to focus upon and improve mobile usability to widen your reach and increase sales.

Groceries Going Digital

By now you’ve probably heard Amazon agreed to buy Whole Foods for $13.4 billion. This will, without a doubt, transform both companies and could make it easier for consumers to purchase their groceries for home delivery.

While the ecommerce giant has sold food and drinks online for nearly a decade, they’ve struggled to capture a major share of the grocery market. By purchasing an upscale grocery chain with plenty of clout, Amazon has once again made a strategic move to shut out big name competitors like Walmart.

If Amazon succeeds, U.S. consumers may become more comfortable with ordering meat, fruits and vegetables online; which could drive more ecommerce SMBs to jump into the game by offering grocery bundles via a subscription service.

Lower Barriers to Entry

New entrants are joining the industry thanks to easy-to-use free ecommerce website builders like Shopify. Vendors wondering how to sell an ebook online or how to start their first e-store can access a simple template builder with all the features and functionality of a big-name site; thereby combining simplicity of use with tremendous power.

Rapid Fulfillment & Innovation

The prospect of drone has been the subject of much discussion. While the industry is still waiting on regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos expects delivery drones will eventually be “as common as mail trucks.”

Same-day delivery and in-person pickup locations are becoming more the norm for big ecommerce sites as well. Sure, right-away delivery might be expensive, but some customers are willing to pay the price for faster service. On the other hand, in-person pickup saves shoppers and businesses money. A win-win!

As big players in digital retail explore faster delivery options, smaller ecommerce vendors might struggle to keep pace. If you’re among the latter category, you’ll do well to explore expedited shipping or cheaper ‘no rush’ shipping options to keep you customers happy.

Increased Demand for Warehouses

As ecommerce grows, so will the demand for storage space. In fact, analysts at Jefferies estimate ecommerce vendors need three times as much warehouse space as brick-and-mortar retailers. However, the U.S. is severely lacking in warehouses and distribution centers. Even Amazon is struggling to keep the pace of supply chain build out in synch with growing demands.

One solution is to repurpose America’s shopping malls as warehouses for ecommerce businesses. This could also make it easier to distribute products in a timelier manner, as well as accommodating in-person pickup, thereby benefitting businesses and consumers.

It’s anybody’s guess where ecommerce goes from here, but one thing is certain – these global ecommerce trends hold a great deal of potential for the smart entrpreneur.

React + Dataviz

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There is a natural connection between Data Visualization (dataviz) and SVG. SVG is a graphics format based on geometry and geometry is exactly what is needed to visually display data in compelling and accurate ways.

SVG has got the „visualization” part, but SVG is more declarative than programmatic. To write code that digests data and turns it into SVG visualizations, that’s well suited for JavaScript. Typically, that means D3.js („Data-Driven Documents”), which is great at pairing data and SVG.

You know what else is good at dealing with data? React.

The data that powers dataviz is commonly JSON, and „state” in React is JSON. Feed that JSON data to React component as state, and it will have access to all of it as it renders, and notably, will re-render when that state changes.

React + D3 + SVG = Pretty good for dataviz

I think that idea has been in the water the last few years. Fraser Xu was talking about it a few years ago:

I like using React because everything I use is a component, that can be any component writen by myself in the project or 3rd party by awesome people on NPM. When we want to use it, just import or require it, and then pass in the data, and we get the visualization result.

That components thing is a big deal. I’ve recently come across some really good libraries smooshing React + D3 together, in the form of components. So instead of you leveraging these libraries, but essentially still hand-rolling the actual dataviz components together, they provide a bunch of components that are ready to be fed data and rendered.


nivo provides a rich set of dataviz components, built on top of the awesome d3 and Reactjs libraries.


Victory is a set of modular charting components for React and React Native. Victory makes it easy to get started without sacrificing flexibility. Create one of a kind data visualizations with fully customizable styles and behaviors. Victory uses the same API for web and React Native applications for easy cross-platform charting.


[react-vis is] a composable charting library


A composable charting library built on React components

React D3

A Javascript Library For Building Composable And Declarative Charts. A new solution for building reusable components for interactive charts.

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25 Awesome WooCommerce Themes

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Are you thinking about creating an online store? Then, these 25 awesome WooCommerce themes will definitely strike your eye and show you numerous features that a modern online store can have. It is hard to imagine, but, frankly speaking, you do not need to create a unique webpage out of nothing if you wish to run an online store. There are numerous ready-made templates, such as the ones created by TemplateMonster, that can suit your needs. Whether you want your store to be connected with fashion and beauty, or whether you want to sell medical or sports equipment, you can find a template to suit your needs.

Without any doubts, a custom webpage created especially for you will take into consideration your smallest requirements, so when you order a custom website you have a possibility to get everything that you imagine. At the same time, ready-made templates are developed by groups of professionals to suit specific needs, and you can have a look at the demo version of such templates, so you will definitely know what you are buying. While you will be waiting for a custom website to be created for you, you can spend this time for looking through different templates that can suit your needs and comparing their properties to choose the one you like most. As the work of developers and designers for creating your custom website takes considerable time, it should be paid for accordingly. In such a case, ready-made templates will save not only your time, but also your money.

Does choosing a ready-made template instead of ordering a custom webpage mean that you will not get a unique website? Of course, it doesn’t, because ready-made themes have numerous customization options. You can edit backgrounds and layouts, add or remove sidebars and widgets, change colors and fonts in order to adjust the theme to your needs and company’s style, creating unique looks of your website.

Furthermore, as online shopping is done using different devices, ready-made templates by TemplateMonster are responsive. They easily adjust to different screens and browsing ensuring the best performance for your customers. No matter what device or browser your visitors are using, your online store will look and function properly.

Another piece of good news is that ready-made templates don’t require much coding skills to be installed and launched, so you will be able to create your website in a couple of moments. If you happen to face any difficulties, there is always a 24/7 support team to answer your questions and solve your problems.

So, do not hesitate to look at the amazing collection of WooCommerce themes that will be suitable for various online stores.

Francy – Cosmetics and Perfume Store WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

This feminine and stylish theme is, in fact, built with power Drag-and-Drop builder to ensure the best productivity and customization options. You can choose not only from numerous layout options, content modules and widgets, but also from effective Cherry Plugins, such as Cherry Team Members, Testimonials, Sidebars, and others. Your customers will also love Quick View plugin that displays the characteristics of a product and allows people to view the item in a full size. Moreover, there are Wishlist and Compare plugins to make the functionality of your store better.

Woostroid – Multifunctional WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

Supporting not only WooCommerce, but also Ecwid, the theme will be a universal solution for various online stores. The template can boast of numerous features to optimize your online store, such as Compare, Advanced Thumbnail Feature Hover, and Wishlist. Furthermore, it supports Megamenu and includes advanced headers management. You can be sure that your website will be optimized for mobile devices, as the theme is responsive and Retina ready, with a clear design for effective and intuitive using.

Organica – Organic Products Store WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

Equipped with an unlimited amount of features, this theme will be suitable for an online store that sells organic products, such as organic food, cosmetics, bio active nutrition and so on. Adding different product categories tabs, you will easily organize your products into logical and structured categories. Also, your customers will enjoy the possibility to sort goods within search results according to several criteria, to compare different products and to add them to their wishlist. Moreover, custom widgets will enrich your site’s functionality and help you with the ways to showcase your content.

Furniture Store and Interior Design WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

This contemporary-looking theme will impress you with the possibility to create a shop page with a Puzzle option; another practicable means of editing your store is using various blog styles, including standard, masonry or timeline blog layouts. You can easily create portfolios in different styles and add personal profiles of designers or partners to your website. In addition, you can maximize the theme’s functionality with powerful plugins and addons, managing the look of your headers, colors and page content.

Shopable – Wholesale Store Responsive WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

This theme will be appropriate for creating any kind of a store, as it is supplied with various widgets to make your business more effective. Present your goods in a variety of ways, adding posts carousels, sliders, or image grids to your page. Customize the look of your website changing layouts and fonts and adding various Cherry sidebars without any difficulties with Live Customizer. Built with Bootstrap, the theme guarantees full responsiveness and compatibility with all modern devices.

Craftstamp – Art and Accessories Store WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

If you want to create a webpage for an online store that deals with handmade art, this template will be a perfect choice. Including different content modules and an enormous set of Cherry plugins, such as Cherry Projects, Team Members, testimonials, Sidebars and others, the theme advances your site’s functionality and allows you to present various types of information on your website. With advanced banner grid management, product carousel, categories widget and on-page custom menus you will easily arrange the content the way you find most appropriate. Moreover, your clients will be attracted by the WooCommerce Quick View that gives details about the product and by Wishlist and Compare plugins that will provide them with time for making up their minds.

Amaryllis – Flower Store WooCommerce Template

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An awesome WooCommerce package included into this theme will let you present your products in a number of ways. In addition, due to Content Modules you will be able to add different types of posts to your webpage, including galleries, buttons, pricing tables, contact forms and many more. Customization of your website will be an enjoyable experience, because you can choose from multiple layout options and edit elements with powerful Drag-and-Drop builder. As a special bonus, you receive 15 topical images that will suit your website perfectly.

Valentia – Flower Shop WooCommerce Template

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You will love this bright and elegant theme for an online flower store, because it includes categories tabs to make your website logically organized and structured. Moreover, your visitors will be able to use sorting options, which will facilitate the process of choosing goods. With various background and layout options you can experiment with the look of your website, making it even more personal with Google-integrated fonts.

Zirconia – Accessories and Jewelry Shop Responsive WooCommerce Template

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This theme, built with a powerful Drag-and-Drop builder, will help you create a productive store that sells jewelry and accessories. It includes not only an ultimate pack of the best Cherry Plugins, such as Cherry Sidebars, Testimonials, Team Members, Projects, and others, but also a WooCommerce package that gives additional ways to present your goods. Your customers will be enchanted by the possibility to have a quick view at the products, to compare and add them to the wishlist for making their final choice later.

Hypernova – Multifunctional Store Responsive WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

Featuring a lot of built-in functions and customization options, this theme can be used for creating an online store for different purposes. Cherry Sidebars will help you present your products effectively, while WooCommerce package will enhance your website’s functionality. In addition, the theme can boast of a dropdown menu to make your goods organized, as well and of a calendar, a commenting system, and other social options to keep the ongoing communication with your clients.

Walden – Décor and Furniture Store WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

Optimized for online stores that deal with home décor and furnishing, this theme can be proud of such effective features as Ajax Shopping Cart, Compare, and Wishlist that make the process of online shopping a pleasant experience. Arrange numerous goods into a Dropdown menu to make your website organized and structured, captivate your visitors with different goods presented in a products carousel, and easily adjust the look of your website with Live Customizer to make a unique powerful online store.

Talisman – Gifts and Décor Shop Responsive WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

Choosing special gifts for various occasions can be quite a challenging task, so a powerful online store that deals with gifts will be helpful for customers, and this theme has got everything in order to become such a store. Your visitors will love the possibility to sort out the products according to different criteria instead of having to scroll through all product lists. To attract people’s attention, you can use carousel widget and showcase your goods, product categories, latest arrivals, products on sale or any other necessary news. With various social options that include Facebook Like Box and Instagram Board your clients will be able to share information about their dream gifts, thus promoting your store online.

Style Factory – Hair Styling Store and Salon WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

This magnificent theme with numerous layout options will be suitable both for an online store that deals with hair care and for a salon devoted to hair styling. Your online store will be equipped with such powerful options as wishlist and compare, which give your clients some time for thinking before making their final choice. As for a salon, a striking Appointment Manager and Timetable plugin will become useful both for clients who want to make an appointment directly on your website and for you as a manager, as you will be able to organize your schedule easily.

Agrilloc – Agricultural Products Store WooCommerce Template

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Light and undemanding, this theme will be ideal for an online store that deals with agriculture products and natural farm foods. With Dropdown menu, a large assortment of goods will be arranged logically into different categories, and Wishlist and Compare options will facilitate the process of searching and making a choice. Social options embedded into the template will help your customers share information about your goods, and they will sell like hot cakes.

Fairy Style – Fashion Brand Store WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

An online brand store that deals with fashion definitely needs a stylish website to attract visitors, and this theme will be perfectly satisfactory for this purpose. Its design will let you showcase products in an unlimited number of ways, among which you will be enchanted by a carousel widget, and sort your goods into categories adding special tabs to them. Advanced theme options, integrated Google fonts, and Live Customizer will turn the process of adjusting your website to your needs into a delightful experience. As fashion has to be spread quickly, the theme features numerous social options, including a contact form, a newsletter subscription, Facebook Like Box, Instagram Board, and Twitter Feed.

Chef Plaza – Wine Store WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

Easy and intuitive with user-friendly interface, this theme will be especially convenient for creating an online store that sells food and wine. To facilitate the search process for clients, the theme includes sorting options that allow people to limit their search results by several criteria. You can be sure that your goods can be arranged into numerous logical categories with the help of product categories tabs. Moreover, various custom widgets, including Simple Slider, post carousel, and social media widgets, will advance your site’s functionality.

Fleek – City Fashion Boutique WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

Being fashionable means finding out about new tendencies and new collections quickly, so a good fashion store should present this information in an appropriate way to attract visitors, which is indeed quite easy with this theme. Due to numerous widgets and sliders you can showcase your latest collections, new arrivals, the most popular products, goods on sale, or whatever you want to tell your clients about. The process of finding necessary items will be easy for customers because of the product sorting options that allow them to choose several criteria to limit search results. Newsletter subscription and different social options will let your clients follow your news and stay updated all the time.

SportsLab – Sports Store and Club WooCommerce Template

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This powerful theme will satisfy those who want to create an online store that sells products connected with sports, either sports equipment or sports nutrition. With multiple layout options and various content modules you are able to add posts of different formats and arrange them the way you like. Additionally, you can use product carousel and sliders to save the space on your page and add any sidebars to your page. Moreover, the theme is equipped with Appointment Manager and Timetable Plugin, so you can also run a fitness club and let your clients will see your timetable and book classes online quickly.

Athletic – Sports Shop WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

This theme will also be suitable for creating an online store connected with selling sports equipment or nutrition. Including numerous Cherry plugins, the template will let you present different information and enhance your site’s functionality. Wishlist and Compare options will surely become an attractive feature for your clients, as these options provide people with the possibility to think carefully and choose the most appropriate item. You can also enchant your visitors by the WooCommerce quick view that displays necessary information about a product in full size when needed.

MedKit – Medical Equipment WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

Designed for creating an online store that deals with medical equipment, this theme will let you organize your goods into numerous logical categories using product tabs. Your customers will be fascinated by the sorting options that will let them filter search results according to different criteria and find the items they need. With Live Customizer, you will be able to edit your store easily and effectively, as you will see the changes that you make to your page without reloading the website.

Moox – Quad-copters Store WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

If you want to run an online store that sells drones, this intuitive theme will be your perfect choice. It includes various layout options to make your site unique and it allows you to add posts of different types due to content modules. Furthermore, there is a WooCommerce Quick View that lets visitors find out all necessary information in a really fast way. The theme also includes Wishlist and Compare options that allow your visitors to add different goods to the list of desired items and compare their properties.

Fishing – Fisherman Store WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

This effective theme appropriate for a fishing online store will amaze your visitors not only with Parallax effect, which gives the sense of full immersion into the site, but also with Lazy Load effect, which will make the page load faster. Also, Stick-to-top menu improves customers’ navigation, because they do not have to scroll the page when they need to come back to the top. Moreover, the functionality of the site is enhanced by the Product Zoom that lets your visitors enlarge items and scrutinize any details and by the Quick View button that allows people to find out properties of the goods instantly.

WeelFour – Bike Shop WooCommerce Responsive Template

Details | Demo

In case you need a template to create an online store that sells bikes, this one can become a nice choice for you. With WooCommerce Package that contains advanced banner grid management, products carousel, categories widgets and on-page custom menus you will be able to showcase your goods in a number of ways. Multiple layout options will let you arrange your webpage the way you find most appropriate, while Content Modules will allow you to add posts of different types and formats. Additionally, Quick View, Wishlist and Compare plugins will attract visitors, because they efficiently present detailed information and give people a chance to think over their choice.

Willard – Instruments and Hardware WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

Designed for an online store that deals with tools and hardware, this theme is characterized by numerous options and plugins to improve your site’s functionality. It contains an ultimate pack of Cherry plugins, such as Cherry Projects, Services, Testimonials, and others, and an impressive WooCommerce package, including advanced banner management, product carousel, categories widget and many more, to improve the ways of presenting information on your website. Moreover, you can add a calendar, a commenting system, a newsletter popup, and other social options to promote your store.

SpareParts – Car Maintenance and Parts Store WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

This fully editable theme for online stores dealing with car parts allows for different custom post types and formats. Furthermore, it includes fantastic sliders and custom widgets, multiple color options and Google fonts to make your page suit your needs and style. The theme is also multilingual ready, so your store can function in different languages.

In case you have not found your perfect online store template, you can browse through other WooCommerce themes. To find out more about TemplateMonster, you are welcome to watch the video below.

Deploying ES2015+ Code in Production Today

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Philip Walton suggests making two copies of your production JavaScript. Easy enough to do with a Babel-based build process.

<!-- Browsers with ES module support load this file. -->
<script type="module" src="main.js"></script>

<!-- Older browsers load this file (and module-supporting -->
<!-- browsers know *not* to load this file). -->
<script nomodule src="main-legacy.js"></script>

He put together a demo project for it all and you’re looking at 50% file size savings. I would think there would be other speed improvements as well, by using modern JavaScript methods directly.

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Pepsi Light Iconic Moments

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Pepsi’s “Pepsi Light Iconic Moments” advertising campaign has won Gold at the Clio Awards for print, print technique (art direction and photography) and out of home (billboard). The three advertisements in the Pepsi Light Iconic Moments campaign, targeting young urban people, feature a skateboarder, parkour runner and a breakdancer wearing red, white and blue. Their stunning poses convey the lightness of Pepsi Light, and contain within them the Pepsi Light logo. The only text required: “Light”. The central Pepsi motif “Live for now” is conveyed in active, spontaneous, almost weightless moves and moments full of carefree joy.

Pepsi Light Iconic Moments - Parkour

Pepsi Light Iconic Moments - Skateboard
Pepsi Light Iconic Moments - Breakdance

The campaign also won two ADC Gold and five Silver Cubes in May.

Pepsi Light Iconic Moments Credits

The Pepsi Light Iconic Moments campaign was developed at BBDO Dusseldorf by chief creative officers Wolfgang Schneider and Darren Richardson, executive creative director Kristoffer Heilemann, creative director Michael Plueckhahn, art directors Tatjana Fischer-Genin and Bernd Rose, chief executive officer Dirk Bittermann, group account director Liselotte Schwenkert, account manager Julia Lueckerath and art buyer Eva à Wengen.

Photography by Wolfgang Zac with post producer Philipp Maubach and print producer Bernhard Burg.

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