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The way a website should look and behave in a mobile device is significantly different than how it does on a PC display. According to the principle “Write Once, Publish Everywhere” we don’t want to force users to maintain multiple copies of every page. That would be disgustingly inefficient, particulary for a site based on Joomla!
I want to present you a proposal which is based on a template and on a module which shows arcticles from your Joomla! website.
The template itself is made up of iPhone-optimized code including the iUI-Library of Joe Hewitt.This library helps the website to emulate a native iPhone App by using Javascript and CSS. Its goal is simply to turn ordinary standards-based HTML into a polished, usable interface that maps to iPhone interface conventions. You know from standard Apps the sliding pages, a header with Back-button and a menu, which is able to reload items […]

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Native e-commerce coming to a Joomla! near you! (Wolfgang Disch) napisał interesujący post:

Until now there hasn’t been a real effort to create a Joomla! 1.5 native e-commerce platform but that’s about to change. While there is an enormous need for such a system it is also a huge task to build. E-commerce is something different than running a website presenting content, it involves things like inventory and catalog management, customer management, payment handling and strong analytics options.
I’ve been involved in serious e-commerce quite a bit at a company that ran a whole portfolio of large stores with many millions of revenue and have learned that e-commerce isn’t just simply putting some products online and wait for customers to come by. E-commerce is a very active task and requires dedication and active marketing efforts to get the most out of your sales process. An important part of this overall active store management are the tools you have available to run your store, the […]

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slideViewerPro: Flexible Gallery With jQuery

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slideViewerPro is a totally customizable jQuery image gallery plugin.

It is derived from the popular slideViewer plugin & offering more features.

jQuery SlideViewerPro

The gallery is created from an unordered list with any number of images.

Some of the features are:

  • display images automatically
  • show captions on/off
  • shuffle on/off
  • custom prev-next buttons
  • ability to define the animation & slide periods
  • & more

The look & feel can be customized via CSS and from the settings of the plugin like the borders, colors, etc.

Special Downloads:
Ajaxed Add-To-Basket Scenarios With jQuery And PHP
Free Admin Template For Web Applications
jQuery Dynamic Drag’n Drop

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Double share / Double ration de frites

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wifrites2006 wifrites2009
Mc Donald’s restaurant “Now with internet” – 2006
Source : Agency’s website
Agency : RT&A (Mexico)
Mc Donald’s “love free wi-fi” – 2009
Source : Adsoftheworld, Fubiz
Agency : DDB Sydney (Australia)
Une idée dans “l’air” du temps? Visiblement elle est aussi bien captée de part et d’autre de la planète. Mention spéciale à Mc Do qui a payé deux agences pour la même idée…
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De Lijn: Night bus poster

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National public transport company De Lijn wanted to announce its increased night schedule. We used existing event posters to promote the night bus and placed passe-partouts over it that read: “whatever you’re planning tonight, plan your transport too. Take the night bus”.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium
Creative Directors: Katrien Bottez & Peter Ampe
Copywriter: Geerard Van de Walle
Art Director: Sven Van Hooydonck
Online Art Director: Derek Brouwers
Account handling: Matthias Dubois & Tom Sneppe
Art Buyer: Ingrid Deuss
Print Producer: May-Britt Verhoeven
Photographer: Ever Thiry
Retouching: Fred Dupont

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