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Advertising Agency: JWT, New York, USA
Co-President/Chief Creative Officer, North America: Ty Montague
Chief Creative Officer, New York: Harvey Marco
Executive Creative Director: Andrew Clarke, Kash Sree
Creative Director/Art Director: Raphael Milczarek
Copywriter: Humberto Jiron
Illustrator/Typographer/Designer: Aaron Padin
Photographer: Hans Starck
Director of Art Buying: Shawn Smith
Art Buyer: Carly Chappell
Print Producer: Jena Mattison
Producer: Tonya Martin
Production Company: Sweet Genius

Featured CSS Library: Better Web Readability Project

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The Better Web Readability Project aims to promote screen-friendly and more readable fonts. The result is a CSS library that redefines, among others, the standard font size as well as leading (the amount of space between text). Other features of this library are:

  • 16px default main text size
  • Partial 26px baseline grid
  • Serif for Heading, sans-serif for the paragraphs
  • Lower color text contrast
  • Intensified paragraph division (new line + indent)
  • Bigger leading (line-height) 1.625

The original idea came from Vladimir Carrer, who also came up with the library. In his post entitled How we read on web and how can we improve that he reveals that most of us who use computers to read news, blogs, and various sites end up scanning rather than reading. He then compares reading a book to reading on the monitor, and provides three reasons why it is harder to read on a computer screen:

  1. We maintain the book standards (12pt) for font size on the web (12px). But the distance from the monitor is triple. Just put your newspaper to your monitor and try to read. Hell! Is hard!
  2. Additionally the paper reflects the light and monitor emits the light. If you have old “cathode” monitor it’s like looking directly in a light bulb.
  3. You also have distraction noise: strong colors, links, flash animation, banners , not defined site architecture, click here, digg me, follow me on twitter, by my products… it’s fucking jungle out there.

He then comes up with a set of standards and rules that would allow for better and easier on-screen reading, and packages it as a CSS library. The resulting text is beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. One such example can be seen in the screen shot below. You should notice how your eyes would easily glide through the text:

Better Web Readability Project example screenshot

You can head over to the project homepage, or click on the links below to view the library in action:

You can also head over and download the full library here.


Disturb me – The popcorn makers

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“Disturb Me” is an interactive installation between human and his environment. It is to make perceptible the reciprocal links and often forgotten contact, that we maintain with our environment.

The projection depends on the sound emitted by the spectators and creates consequently, a transitory and colored environment. The projected forms are revealed when in contact with surfaces of the room.

The senses are awakened, the room becomes alive.

Source: thepopcornmakers

MIT Senseable City Lab: Obama | One People

Post pobrano z: MIT Senseable City Lab: Obama | One People

For President Obama’s 100th day in office, the MIT SENSEable City Lab has created visualizations of mobile phone call activity that characterize the inaugural crowd and answer the questions: Who was in Washington, D.C. for President Obama’s Inauguration Day? When did they arrive, where did they go, and how long did they stay? The results are presented in two dazzling visualizations.

Watch The City | The WorldProject’s website

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