Recycled paper, recycled idea / Y’a pas que le papier qui est recyclé!

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trees2007 trees2009
Greenpeace “Recycle paper, save trees” – 2007
Agency : JWT Manila Makati City (The Pilippines)
“Recycling paper, saves trees” – 2009
Agency : +Minus Communications (Greece)
Et recycler des idées ça sauve du temps, de l’énergie et des honoraires de créatifs? Refaire un Lion d’Argent à Cannes fallait oser.
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JavaScript Data Visualization Toolkit: InfoVis

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InfoVis is an open source JavaScript data visualization toolkit offering multiple ways to present data using the canvas tag.

It is feeded with data in JSON format & some of the ready to use visualizations are:

  • treemaps
  • radial layouts
  • bar charths, pie charts & more…

InfoVis JavaScript Visualization

Besides a static presentations, InfoVis supports interactive animations which can be fired by any event (like mouseovers, clicks).

It has various methods to add/remove/update nodes & manipulate every aspect of the outputs.

The toolkit doesn’t depend on a JavaScript framework, can be used with any of them & easily updated for adding new features to it.

Special Downloads:
Free Admin Template For Web Applications
jQuery Dynamic Drag’n Drop

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