Empty Russian Dolls / Une poupée vide de toute originalité?

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matriochka2001 matriochka2006
Pallotti Family Planning Clinic – 2001
Source : Communication Arts vol.45
Agency : Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town (South Africa)
Jontex Condoms – 2006
Source : AdForum & Cannes Archive Online,
Agency : Mc Cann Erickson Sao Paulo (Brasil)
Il serait bien également à l’avenir de penser à limiter les naissances de ce genre d’idée surexploitée.

Area 17

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Area 17 has a new site up. A lot more information about the company and team involved. I’ve enjoyed Arnaud’s work for years, since the old days of web design, but there are a lot people behind this company. It looks like the team has a serious mix of design / management / strategy. I like the various languages they speak… some more, some less.


Creating A Page Peel Effect With jQuery & CSS

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Page Peel effects can be very useful as they create new areas -which are mostly used for banners- on websites.

In general, they are created with the help of Flash but Soh Tanaka is featuring a a very nice tutorial on creating a page peel effect with jQuery & CSS.

jQuery Page Peel Effect

The logic of the effect is simple & smart. It is created by animating the size & position of a peel image which is originally positioned over the content to be shown.

To see a demo for this nice tutorial, click here.

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