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This joomla component will help you organizing the timetable for your ‘buildings’, ‘rooms’, classes and so on. A ‘room’ can be many things like books in the library, PCs in auditory, seats in the theater and etc.
You configure each element from the back-end step by step and your staff members use it from the front-end to save you from headache of doing every booking yourself.
On the home page of the component you’ll see 3 calendars shown: the current month and the next 2 months. The current day is highlighted.
* If you click on a date bookings for this date are shown listed by ‘building’ – ‘room’ name. For each booking periods, short description, staff member name and class name are shown.
* If you click on a booking you’ll see all the information regarding it.
You can edit, save and delete a booking only […]

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Alias GoDaddy Analytics

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Alias GoDaddy Analytics is a System Plugin that searches your page for the “end body” tag and adds the GoDaddy Site Analytics tracking code right above it. It should make the process of adding the tracking code straight forward.
The installation is very easy. Ensure you have the latest Joomla 1.5 installed from (currently 1.5.15). Then install the plugin from the “Extensions -> Install/Uninstall menu”. After you installed the plugin, navigate to: “Extensions -> Plugin Manager”. Click on “System – Alias Site Analytics”, enter the ‘tf_SiteId’ provided by GoDaddy Site Analytics in the ‘Real Time Page Script’ and enable the plugin. After that GoDaddy real time stats should be activated on your site. You can verify this by clicking on the “Verify Script” link in the “Site Analytics configuration” section of your domain.
If you want to see the result, you could visit and use the “view source” feature […]

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JA Comment

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The component was developed to meet several needs such as easy administration, powerful front-end features, fast comment moderation and easy integration with other content components. It was designed to be easy for beginners and powerful enough for advanced users to administer and control. We can just keep on bragging about this unique commenting system, try it to believe it!
* Powerful moderation – comments are split in four tabs: approved, not approved, SPAM, all, with comment highlight capabilities;
* User Avatar – enable avatar from Joomla! community components such as Community Builder or JomSocial or widely known communities such as Twitter or Facebook (powered by RPXNow and RPXNow plugin);
* E-mail and comments templates – just by using the built in editors, you can easily customize the look and feel of the comments and notification e-mails sent by the component;

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JA Extensions Manager – Upgrades and Rollbacks made easy!
JA Extensions Manager Component provides a unique way to upgrade, rollback, compare files between the versions. It comes with local repository, where you can upload your new and old version and then compare between them and find the files in conflict and you can save them before upgrade to new version.
This extension will help in minimizing customization loss, which is usually encountered due to overwrite by newer files.
Currently it supports, modules, plugins, templates and components. However, the components should have in their XML file, upgrade/ rollback info for the Database changes, otherwise it will only replace files.
In future this extension will support file difference views for code and easy copy and move of old customized code to newer files right from the backend (currently in testing).
Please check the WIKI and YouTube Video for its capabilities : (full screen)

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JA Google Translate lets you add google translate feature to individual articles without refreshing the page or redirecting to google translate url. Translation happens on the fly. It is based on the Google Ajax Translation feature and can be installed as a normal plugin. Easy to use and easy to understand. Detailed tooltips added to each option for easy understanding of features. Its so easy to use, that a userguide was not felt necessary. Try it to believe it.
1. Unique plugin of its kind, Ability to translate individual articles, without redirection or change of site url.
2. Option to choose from the languages or show all.
3. Choose the categories to show the translation flags.
4. Customize the number of columns, width of block.
5. Choose whether to show text or icon or both.
6. Easy to […]

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JA Google Map Plugin allows users to embed Google Maps, into articles. A step further, it comes with a unique Code Generator, which allows generation of multiple maps with varied configurations and layouts.
Features :
* Supports various map types viz., | Road Map | Satellite Map | Hybrid Map | Terrain / Physical Map |
* Easy backend, descriptions and usage instructions in the tooltips.
* Customize Place description details, shown as a popup on frontend.
* Preview map settings right in the backend.
* Various button / layout options for Zoom Toolbar and Map type toolbar.
* Option to Display or hide various available options.
* Show images | Wikipedia Articles | You Tube Movies | as layers on your maps.
* Generate unlimited customized […]

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Micro Images Displayer is a Joomla! module, it is used to display a group of multiple images and manage the layout. it can be applied to the page including groups of images, especilly homepage(eg, and it also can use instead of banner module to display multiple images.
Features list
Micro Images Displayer can display a group of multiple images and manage the layouts as you desire, Some features include:

Display a group of multiple linkable images.
Easy to change layout and images, no need to modify any code.
No Table only DIV.
Easy to change the size, distance, link of each image.
Easy to set the target window when the linkable image is clicked.
Tested with IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Netscape, Safari, etc.
Easy to install and config the parameters, you can complete all in five minutes.
Support all the image types.
Listed all the 29 layouts of 2-4 images.


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New dating and social Joomla extension – JoDDa!
Among the features of JoDDa there are:
* Easily customizable registration and profile
* Radius search (Google Maps)
* Simple and advanced search
* In-site mail system and chat
* Gallery with private and public albums
* Commenting system
* Chat
* Different modules that can be inserted anywhere (most popular profiles, latest registered)
* Blogs
* and many more…

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