Powerful & Flexible Ajax Uploader: FancyUpload

FancyUpload, the popular Ajaxed file uploader, now has new version with more features.

To remember, FancyUpload is an unobtrusive file-input replacement with multiple-file selection & queued upload with an animated progress bar.


It uses MooTools, works with the help of Swiff (a MooTools class) & as a SWF file is used for uploads, it is server-independent.

Other great features of FancyUpload:

  • the look & feel can be totally customized via CSS/XHTML
  • uploads can be limited with file count, file type or size
  • upload speed can be displayed
  • browse-button can be an invisible overlay or an interactive image sprite
  • useful file information before the upload starts can be collected & many more.

The API is very flexible, offers lots of options & very well-documented.

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