Same old joke with water-ski / Retro pédalage?

Natwest – Advantage Gold – 2003
Source : Cannes Archive Online
Agency : M&C Saatchi London (United Kingdom)
Vittel Mineral Water – 2009
Source :
Agency : Ogilvy & Mather Paris (France)
Une blague légèrement éculée et que l’on peut déjà apercevoir dans un album du dessinateur SERRE (Les Vacances – aux éditions Glénat) paru en 1984!

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Game (r)Over / Fauve qui peut!

Mitsubishi Pajero “in the Zoo” Ambient – 2001
Source : Cannes Archive Online,
Agency : Young & Rubicam Adelaide (Australia)
Land Rover “in the Zoo” Ambient – 2009
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte, (Brazil)
Pauvres animaux… ils étaient déjà emprisonnés et voilà maintenant qu’on met des voitures (ultra polluantes) dans leurs cages! L’homme est vraiment un animal…

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Diesel – Only the Brave

(HKI)™HelloHikimori™ develops a unique world for Diesel’s new fragrance: Only the Brave
The French creative studio (HKI)™ created a site that not only has all the process of doing Diesel’s latest product, but also has the creative input from different artists like Tofa, Nico Stumpo and Renascent, expressing their visions of force and courage, based on the concepts that “Only the Brave” was born. The site will also gain continuous inputs from artists all over the world, including Peter Jaworowski, Serial Cut, Tom Muller, LaundryMat , Michael Paul Young, Mr.doob, Jemma Hosteler,Suprb, eBoy, MWM ,Lapp Pro, NandoCosta, Combustion, Si Scott, Alex Trochut, Eric Carl.

Following the launching in Berlin, there will be a party on May 15th, in Paris.
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Mercedes Sprinter: True Greatness


As the Sprinter is the Mercedes of transportation vehicles, their objective was to arouse interest in the Mercedes Sprinter and establish the van as a class of its own. What could be more persuasive than the vehicle itself? Therefore they brought the Sprinter from the Mercedes dealer directly to the target audience. Open the doors – for a surprising billboard idea. Discover “True Greatness”.

Advertising Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg, Germany

found at directdaily

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