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Alias GoDaddy Analytics is a System Plugin that searches your page for the “end body” tag and adds the GoDaddy Site Analytics tracking code right above it. It should make the process of adding the tracking code straight forward.
The installation is very easy. Ensure you have the latest Joomla 1.5 installed from (currently 1.5.15). Then install the plugin from the “Extensions -> Install/Uninstall menu”. After you installed the plugin, navigate to: “Extensions -> Plugin Manager”. Click on “System – Alias Site Analytics”, enter the ‘tf_SiteId’ provided by GoDaddy Site Analytics in the ‘Real Time Page Script’ and enable the plugin. After that GoDaddy real time stats should be activated on your site. You can verify this by clicking on the “Verify Script” link in the “Site Analytics configuration” section of your domain.
If you want to see the result, you could visit and use the “view source” feature […]

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