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JA Extensions Manager – Upgrades and Rollbacks made easy!
JA Extensions Manager Component provides a unique way to upgrade, rollback, compare files between the versions. It comes with local repository, where you can upload your new and old version and then compare between them and find the files in conflict and you can save them before upgrade to new version.
This extension will help in minimizing customization loss, which is usually encountered due to overwrite by newer files.
Currently it supports, modules, plugins, templates and components. However, the components should have in their XML file, upgrade/ rollback info for the Database changes, otherwise it will only replace files.
In future this extension will support file difference views for code and easy copy and move of old customized code to newer files right from the backend (currently in testing).
Please check the WIKI and YouTube Video for its capabilities :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bruMQxudvdI&fmt=22 (full screen)

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