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The way a website should look and behave in a mobile device is significantly different than how it does on a PC display. According to the principle “Write Once, Publish Everywhere” we don’t want to force users to maintain multiple copies of every page. That would be disgustingly inefficient, particulary for a site based on Joomla!
I want to present you a proposal which is based on a template and on a module which shows arcticles from your Joomla! website.
The template itself is made up of iPhone-optimized code including the iUI-Library of Joe Hewitt.This library helps the website to emulate a native iPhone App by using Javascript and CSS. Its goal is simply to turn ordinary standards-based HTML into a polished, usable interface that maps to iPhone interface conventions. You know from standard Apps the sliding pages, a header with Back-button and a menu, which is able to reload items […]

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