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Micro Images Displayer is a Joomla! module, it is used to display a group of multiple images and manage the layout. it can be applied to the page including groups of images, especilly homepage(eg microsoft.com), and it also can use instead of banner module to display multiple images.
Features list
Micro Images Displayer can display a group of multiple images and manage the layouts as you desire, Some features include:

Display a group of multiple linkable images.
Easy to change layout and images, no need to modify any code.
No Table only DIV.
Easy to change the size, distance, link of each image.
Easy to set the target window when the linkable image is clicked.
Tested with IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Netscape, Safari, etc.
Easy to install and config the parameters, you can complete all in five minutes.
Support all the image types.
Listed all the 29 layouts of 2-4 images.


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