Native e-commerce coming to a Joomla! near you! (Wolfgang Disch) napisał interesujący post:

Until now there hasn’t been a real effort to create a Joomla! 1.5 native e-commerce platform but that’s about to change. While there is an enormous need for such a system it is also a huge task to build. E-commerce is something different than running a website presenting content, it involves things like inventory and catalog management, customer management, payment handling and strong analytics options.
I’ve been involved in serious e-commerce quite a bit at a company that ran a whole portfolio of large stores with many millions of revenue and have learned that e-commerce isn’t just simply putting some products online and wait for customers to come by. E-commerce is a very active task and requires dedication and active marketing efforts to get the most out of your sales process. An important part of this overall active store management are the tools you have available to run your store, the […]

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