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Sweet, Simple Timetracking.
Ninjajournal, originally a Teamlog fork, is rebuilt on the Nooku Framework.
Desktop (Windows, Mac & Linux), mobile (iPhone & Android) and iPad apps underway.
– Interactive backend. The toolbar and other UI elements respond to what you’re doing, and
– Core SEF support. No issues with SEF urls turned on.
– Ajax. Most of the UI is powered by ajax. Allowing you to work faster, and get more done.
– Login screen that auto-skins with your template. So you don’t have to setup login links or the login module to get started using NinjaJournal.
– Since NinjaJournal is using our Napi framework, it got features like overridable-by-path images, css and js.
– We’re using MooTools 1.12 frontend, but will later add support for jQuery.

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