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OSE Update Manager: 1.0.00
This component is free available after registering an account on our website www.opensource-excellence.com.
Short Desc: OSE Update Manager is an easy update management component for Joomla! 1.5. It aims to help you easily and conveniently install Joomla! components/extensions/plugins/modules.
Core Function: The core function for this tool is to install upgrades and updates of Joomla! components/extensions/plugins/modules to your Joomla! system. When upgrading, you don’t have to uninstall the older versions of your target components as in Joomla! default installer. All installations and uninstallations can be easily managed in the Update Manager Panel list. All historical installations and updates can be tracked and you can conveniently swift between different version of Joomla! components.
Programming Language: PHP
Supporting components:
* It 100% supports all OSE software installations and upgrades.
* It supports most of Joomla! extensions/components/plugins/modules installations and upgrades.
Requirements: PHP 5+

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