What if your buttons don’ t work in Eclipse?

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Some time ago I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala 64bits so I can use all 8Gb of RAM on board. All my applications work like a charm, the new Virtualbox 3.1 is even nicer but when I installed Eclipse PDT I noticed a problem with the buttons in screens after I tried to get the Subclipse application installed in the PDT installation…nothing worked!
So I needed to move to command line Subversion management since that doesn’t come out of the box with Eclipse PDT. Very annoying, because I use the Subclipse add-on not only for committing, exporting or merging, I also use it to check certain commits with the history option, and most important I am lazy by nature (all coders seem to suffer from that habit). Posted a question on the Eclipse forum and sadly got no reply, but today I found the answer to my problems from which […]

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