10 Business Icon Sets Giveaway – Winners Announced

Post pobrano z: 10 Business Icon Sets Giveaway – Winners Announced

Web Icon Set, a website which has quality icons (mostly free) was giving away 10 Business Icon Sets to WRD readers.

Today, the winners are selected. Congratulations to the winners and thanks very much to everyone for joining it.

Web Icon Set

Here they are:

  • dian (comment #226196)
  • Tejinder (comment #224205)
  • Kamran Arasteh (comment #224516)
  • Donnie (comment #223795)
  • Marius Stuparu (comment #225588)
  • Arjen (comment #224367)
  • Pavlin. Grucov (comment #223863)
  • valuegames (comment #223788)
  • Norbert (comment #223771)
  • Marcin (comment #223785)

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