15 Best WordPress Job Board Themes & Plugins

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Online job boards have risen in popularity with the current phase of Internet technology. Every company is looking for their next employee, and job boards have allowed companies to search anywhere in the country(or even the world!). Best of all it’s super easy to launch a custom job board focused on any career track from writing to marketing and development.

Take a look over the following WordPress themes and plugins built for creating usable job boards. Most are free while a few are sold as premium scripts. But each one comes with its own set of benefits & drawbacks which can help you determine the right job board for your needs.

Job Board

open source job board wordpress

Zartis Job Plugin

zartis job plugin free open source


osclass job board system

WP Broadbean

wp broadbean plugin jobs

WP Job Manager

wp wordpress job manager plugin

JobBoard Theme

wordpress premium theme job board


wpjobus plugin theme wordpress jobs


jobera wordpress portal theme premium

Nine to Five

wordpress theme jobs ninetofive


jobify wordpress theme design listing

WP Job Hunter

wp job hunter wordpress jobboard


job roller wordpress theme

WP JobBoard

wordpress job board plugin website


jobpress job board wordpress theme

Jobs & Experts

new wordpress plugin jobs experts

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