15 Out-Of-The-Oven Adobe AIR Applications For Designers & Developers

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Adobe AIR applications are great considering the ease-of-use & simplicity they offer.

Almost regulary, WRD is sharing the fresh Adobe AIR applications that web designers & developers will find useful, like:

Since then, new applications are created & ready to use. And, here they are:


Image Editing, Debugging & Invoicing


zFlick Flickr Search Tool

This is an awesome Flickr search tool that makes browsing between images fun.

Once you find what you're looking for, just drag'n drop that image to your desktop to download it.



It helps measuring the width/height of any item on the desktop. With a semi-transparent background & custom-presets, it is a great helper when prototyping websites.


Caldera Batch Image Resize And Rename

Caldera resizes, renames & recompiles any number of images in bulk.

You can set it to resize images by scale or spedify a maximum width/height. The renaming function supports automated-names (prefix plus number).

URL Decoder And Encoder

URL Encoder And Decoder

A tiny application with a single purpose: it makes URLs with querystrings more readable, easier to analyze or can create querystrings from a given input.

Debug.a.li.cious Console


An application that transforms ActionScript objects into a human readable format with 5 different debugging levels.


SWF Encoder

doswf is an Adobe AIR application for encrypting, confusing & watermarking SWF files.



This is a handy application for simplifying common tasks, improving the workflow & enhancing the visual quality of your Flash 3D productions.

It's a small but powerful tool that can add visual quality to low polygon models using a nice bag of tricks thanks to the advanced rendering capabilities of Away3D.

TiltShift Generator

TiltShift Generator

An application for adding camera effects to images quickly.

It is possible to play with blur, color, vignetting settings of images.


uBooks Adobe AIR Invoicing Applciation

An invoicing application which is specially built with freelancers in mind.

It is possible to add clients, projects & use the built-in timer to auto-calculate the time worked on projects.

The application also creates invoices & financial reports.

P.S. If the installer fails, try this address.


Time, Task & Project Management


Doit.im Task Manager

Doit.im helps you organize tasks & focus on items in hand, so that you can closely track the process of your work.

Besides the tasks, it is possible to add projects where sub-tasks can be created.



ToDoDoc is a very well-thought project/task & to-do-list manager.

You can use tags for reaching to related actions easier.



It is a powerful task manager where tasks can be shared with friends & time spent on each task can be displayed.

The application comes with two versions: web & desktop.



This is a very simple task-tracking application with a beautiful interface.

Just enter the tasks, select the due date & mark-them complete once done.

FlashTrack Database

FlashTrack Database

A task tracking application which can track the time worked on each task. It can also export reports to MS Excel.


Hourly Time Tracker

Hourly does one thing & does it well. It tracks times you worked on projects & tasks.

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