20+ Open Source iPhone Applications To Learn From

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When developing something in a language that you're not so experienced with, looking for the examples and digging them deeply is a good way of learning.

Same with the iPhone application development and considering it is something new for many developers, viewing the codes of real-world applications and re-using them when needed is very valuable.

Here are 20+ open source iPhone apps to learn and get inspired from:

  • WordPress for iOS

    WordPress for iOS
    The official WordPress application for iOS.

    Besides strong content or comment editing features, it can share your location while publishing a post as well (download exists under the "development menu").

  • MiniBooks

    The open source iPhone application of the FreshBooks invoicing service.

    It connects to the FreshBooks account and enables you to use most of the features (source is offered here).

  • reMail

    An e-mail search application (acquired by Google) that downloads all your e-mail and makes full-text searches.

  • TubeStatus

    Tube Status
    It displays the London Underground tube lines by parsing the HTML from the official TFL website.

    And, once a line is clicked, TubeStatus shows detailed information about it.

  • SpaceBubble

    SpaceBubble SpaceBubble is a fast-paced arcade game which is also optimized for the iPhone 4 retina display.

  • wikiHow

    WikiHow iPhone
    It enables you to read wikiHow's featured article feed, search and browse them.

    And, you can bookmark articles to store them for later reading, and watch YouTube videos embedded into articles.

  • NatsuLiphone

    A Twitter client which can display the friend timeline and post a status message.

    It can show a specific user's timeline and has an autopagerize method that can display older tweets while scrolling.

  • Molecules

    An application that allows you to view three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulate them using your fingers.

    Molecules can be rotated by moving your finger and zoom in or out by using two-finger pinch gesture.

  • HP Calculator Emulator

    HP Calculator Emulator
    The application emulates various versions of the popular HP scientific calculators.

  • Books

    A simple eBook reader for the iPhone which reads HTML and text files stored in your ~/Media/EBooks folder.

    And, it is smart enough to enter subdirectories, if for instance, you've broken a book down by chapters.

  • Yfrog For iPhone

    Yfrog For iPhone
    A Twitter application where you can view friends timeline, following/follower lists, post status updates or send direct messages.

    Also, you can add geo information into tweets.

  • MobileSynth

    A classic monophonic (playing one note at a time) synthesizer, designed for live performance.

  • PocketFlicks

    The application helps finding movies and managing your Netflix information.

    Using PocketFlicks, add movies to your queue, add/update ratings and more.

  • Official Last.fm Application

    Last.fm iPhone Application
    The iPhone application of Last.fm for listening to free streaming radio anywhere.

    It also helps to share music via your phone contacts, purchase tracks and albums from the iTunes Music Store.

  • Colloquy

    The iPhone version of the well-known Mac OS X IRC client.

    It is a complete chat application with support for all IRC functions, push notifications, highlighting messages, etc.

  • Now Playing

    Now Playing
    Browse theaters, the movies they are playing, show times, ratings, play trailers and their distances.

    The application is currently down due to an issue with the data provider but the source is still available.

  • Diceshaker

    A dice-rolling application for iPhone, Android and JavaScript-based environments for your roleplaying sessions and board games.

  • Gorillas

    The iPhone version of the cult QBasic game. Its source can be found here.

  • Ecological Footprint

    Ecological Footprint
    An application for quickly calculating a person's ecological impact with inputs like eating or traveling habits and its source can be found here.

  • ZBar Barcode Reader

    A simple demonstration for the usage of ZBar library on iPhone.

    It can scan barcodes and samples for making product searches on Google or Amazon are also included.

  • PackLog

    An application for updating your Backpack status and journal entries easily.

    The developer mentions that he is not proud of the code however it is not always the good ones that we can learn from.

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