25 Free Code Snippets for Navigation Menus

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Crafting any user interface requires patience and some expertise with HTML/CSS. Yet rebuilding interfaces from existing code can be a lot more fun and exciting. You learn so much from studying what other developers have created and by screwing up their examples. This gallery has 25 free code snippets you can rework and copy into your own projects to craft amazing CSS3 navigation menus.

Bubble Popout

bubble popout nav menu code

Dropdown Menu

simple css dropdown menu ui

Settings Menu

clean bubble menu admin dropdown

Mobile Menu

three bar menu sliding nav menu

Animated Nav Menu

animated icon design menu navigation

Dark Accordion

simple dark accordion menu navigation

Circular Nav

circle animated navigation menu

Long Dropdown

extra long scrolling dropdown menu

CSS3 Bubbles

css3 simple navigation bubble ui

Animated Hover Effects

hover animated fluid menu design

Sharp Navigation

sword sharp navigation menu hover

CSS3 Accordion

red grey css3 dropdown accordion menu

Push Slide Menu

push slide menu dropdown navigation

Rotating Menu

circular rotating menu icons nav

Animated Icons

hover animated icon navigation dark


hamburger icon sliding menu design

Blue Gradient Nav

dropdown navigation blue gradient css3

Single-Page Menu

prallax scrolling single page navigation

Dark CSS3 Navigation

dark css3 navigation menu dropdown

Clean Pad Dropdown

simple clean padded dropdown navigation

CSS3 Toggle Dropdown

animated bubble navigation dark dropdown

Card Deck Dropdown

dark clean navigation card shuffle animation

Transparent Navigation

clean transparent navigation menu css3

Mega Navigation

responsive meganav mega navigation menu code

Off-Canvas Menu

hidden sliding navigation menu open source

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