A Huge Bundle For Web Designers By BundleHunt (For Only $7)

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Many of us purchase design/dev resources like templates, icons or various services regularly. When these are on a discount, that can be very nice.

BundleHunt, the website that offers creative bundles for very low prices, has announced their new/exciting bundle which I think is a great deal and wanted to share.

The bundle consists of 14 different web/graphic design-related items including:

  • a set of Smashing Magazine’s best selling e-books
  • premium WordPress themes by Themify and Dessign
  • annual and commercial membership to GraphStock’s image database
  • several high quality icon sets
  • free hosting, Photoshop actions, PSD templates and more.


It is priced only $7 (which would normally value $467) and would worth the price only if one of the items in the bundle is something we are in need of.Advertisements:
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