A Robust Fork Of osCommerce: TomatoCart

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TomatoCart is an open source e-commerce application that is branched from the popular osCommerce to offer a better experience.

It comes with a totally new front and back-ends where the back-end is an impressive desktop-like ExtJS-powered interface.

The application supports selling any type of item from simple products to digital goods and services.


Also, there are lots of features for marketing them including:

  • gift certificates
  • wishlists
  • discounts based on quantity
  • cross-selling and more.

TomatoCart creates SEO-friendly URLs for products, categories, reviews or articles and automated sitemap generation for a better ranking in search engines.

It also makes analyzing the stats easier with Piwik, an open source analytics application, being integrated into the admin dashboard.

Another interesting but handy feature is the "built-in webmail" which helps receiving and replying customer e-mails within the back-end.

TomatoCart is multilingual, being improved frequently and definitely worth checking out.

Special Downloads:
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Free Admin Template For Web Applications
jQuery Dynamic Drag’n Drop

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