Ads Pro Ad Manager WordPress Plugin – An Inside look

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Ads Pro is a WordPress plugin web publishers can use to create, purchase, manage, and sell advertising.

It automates the processes of buying ads, through the use of a front end order form, and selling ads, through the use of any of three billing models. More than 25 ready-to-use, responsive templates are included that allow users to create a wide range of ad types and spaces. Among its 30+ useful features, are ad management and scheduling elements that determine when, where, and how an ad will be displayed.


Ads Pro Most Important Features and Highlights

If you browse the impressive list of Ads Pro features, you won’t see the most impressive and useful feature of all. This WordPress plugin automates the advertising process. This is accomplished through a combination of several of the 30+ features you will see in the list.

Many website developers have come to think of ad campaign management as a one-step-at-a-time, labor intensive process, with the only practical alternative being that of having others manage their ads for them.

Flexibility is also lacking in the manual process, at least in the sense that determining how, where, and when ads can be displayed is also labor intensive, not to mention becoming somewhat complicated with an increasing number of ads. Buying, selling, and creating ads manually are, for all practical purposes, three separate and distinct processes.

Ads Pro gives the website owner and ad manager total control over the entire ad process; not only by automating it, but by combining the various processes involved into a single package. Step-by-manual-step processes have been replaced by a lightning-fast click-by-click process. Let’s start at the front end, where much of this activity begins.

 Starting at the Front End – Working with the AJAX Frontend Order form, like everything else in this plugin, is not a complicated procedure at all. Identify yourself, indicate where you want to show your ad, submit a title, brief description, the Ad URL, a thumbnail image, your billing model, and you are good to go. You can submit a test order form to try it out once, before you decide to buy. Your test ad will be displayed.

Versatile Ad Display

Speed and automation often results in greater flexibility, and that is definitely the case here. Ad Pro’s ability to enable the creation, buying, and selling of ads, determining the display spaces, and scheduling their displays, using a single plug in, and through a series of clicks, is  a huge time saver. By being able to do all of these things rapidly, together with having more than 20 different options available for displaying ads, offers a tremendous amount of flexibility.

Ad display options range from displaying ads singly or in groups, displaying them on grids or in sliders or sidebars, to floating ads, hovering ads, corner peel ads and more. Any standard ad format, including video, can be used. Ads Pro even gives Adsense users many more display options for placement of these types of ads than Google provides.

Access to Ads can be Set  – Ads can be managed to give buyers editing privileges. This a feature one would expect, but more importantly, ads can protected from being modified or hidden by unauthorized parties. A Users Manager can also add free ads via the Admin Panel, and control the number of free ads assigned to a given user.

Ad Layouts

The Ads Pro plugin includes 7 different categories of pre-defined Ad Templates, including Standard Ad templates that can easily be edited to create custom sizes. There are more than 25 of these mobile-friendly, 100% responsive ad templates in all. The multi-language and multi-currency features, makes this WordPress plugin an ideal tool for global commerce websites or global advertising enterprises. 

The Ads Pro dashboard is a huge backend ad manager that allows a user to track ad status and statistics such as pending ad and ad site status, number of impressions and clicks, conversion rations, and total earnings. The dashboard also displays ad buyer stats and order details, and it provides the means to create and preview a new ad.



Payment and Billing Options

Ads Pro offers two payment options, PayPal, and the recently-added Bank Transfer option. Cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), and cost per day (CPD) are the three billing options.

Other Noteworthy Features – Ads Pro enables you to display an ad space via Visual Composer, it enables users to add their own HTML/JavaScript code using the HTML template, and it is an extremely user friendly plugin. This plugin also has a history of upgrades that provide new features and continually improve on the quality. The latest upgrades came with the release of V1.2.  You will also like the support team’s quick response and friendly assistance.

Is Ads Pro Right for You?

As you can see, Ads Pro is an impressive WordPress plugin that is well worth adding to your   website or blog development toolkit. It can be a huge time saver, and can serve as an excellent business management tool as well.

Submit an order form to test the front end capabilities and to see how the process works. What you have seen here is just an overview of Ads Pro key features and highlights. Visit the Ads Pro website to see for yourself the details its many useful features.

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