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Any+Time is a feature-rich jQuery plugin (has a PrototypeJS version too) for creating simple-to-advanced date and time pickers.

It can work as a pop-up or an always present picker, can be set as a time or date only picker and supports:

  • 12/24 hour clock
  • any custom date format
  • date/time range limits
  • custom start day of the week
  • UTC offsets / time zones
  • and more.

Any+Time jQuery Date Time Picker

Any+Time can be customized with custom labels and languages. Also, it can be styled completely via CSS or with the help of jQuery UI ThemeRoller.

Using the plugin, you can easily convert dates to/from strings (including JSON and XML) and it supports multiple instances in a single page.

It is keyboard-friendly (WAI-ARIA 1.0) and, optionally, can respond to double clicks.

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