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PHP RSS Reader is an application which can crawl an unlimited number of feeds & presents them with an easy-to-use interface.

For an organized navigation, It is possible to create categories & place feeds inside them.

A handy feature is "keyword-based" categories which can auto-move items with the keywords mentioned into the related categories which is great for anyone who follows multiple feeds but hunts for specific keywords.

PHP RSS Reader

PHP RSS Reader comes with a complete admin panel where every setting can be controlled.

The application creates SEO-friendly URLs for every category & article which is important for anyone who will use PHP RSS Reader for creating a feed-based website rather than using it as a personal feed-reader.

It is possible to change the look & feel of the interface by simply playing with the CSS files.

There is a web-based installer that help making the application online in a few minutes.

PHP RSS Reader comes with 2 versions:

The application is a must-check for anyone looking for an advanced RSS reader, planning to create a feed-based website or integrate feeds into an application (where PHP RSS Reader can be used only as the backend engine).

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