Best Resources for CSS3 Transition Animations

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Although JavaScript is seen as a reliable language for animation CSS3 has also become a great choice. Transition effects can be used even in browsers where JavaScript has been disabled. But the greatest opportunity comes with a combination of both CSS3 and jQuery using fallback methods.

This post includes a handful of brilliant CSS3 animation libraries using transition effects. Many of them are based solely on CSS3 while others utilize a jQuery fallback. You’ll also find a small heap of open source code snippets which implement the same functionality with animated transitions.


css open source jquery plugin animition


animate css open source library


impress presentation open source javascript


anima open source javascript library


animatable drag webapp open source code


effeckt css open source transitions

Pure CSS3 3D

pure css3 3d open source code snippet

Button Hovers

animated button hover effect design

Hover Effect

animated hover circle effect open source

CSS3 Askew Hover

askew hover animation effect css3


block rotation css3 open source code

Slidedown Toggle

slidedown toggle css3 sliding menu

CSS3 Transition Effect

css3 after effects transition animation code

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