Brilliant 3D Flash Image Slider: Piecemaker

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Piecemaker is a free and open source Flash image slider that displays images with 3D slice effects.

It can be completely configured from a XML file like setting the tween type, distance, time, delay, etc. and doesn't require working with the .FLA source file.

The slider shows images almost instantly due to the external image loading feature and supports JPG, GIF, PNG formats.

Piecemaker Flash Image Slider

Once hovered, it displays prev-next buttons and a play/pause option for easier browsing.

Images are defined inside the XML file and a description text for each of them can be mentioned (including links).

It is also possible to customize the styles of these descriptions via CSS.

Piecemaker can be downloaded from Activetuts+, a high-quality Flash tutorials community, which also shares the detailed story of the slider.

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