Convert Mouse Movements Into Actions: Moousture

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Moousture is a JavaScript mouse gesture library, built with MooTools.

It simply checks the mouse movements & catches them if they follow any given route.

MooTools Mouse Gesture Plugin: Moousture

The library is very customizable. Variables like:

  • miliseconds mouse movements will be traced
  • interval of the number of mouse steps
  • errored movements to be ignored (in pixels)

can be defined.

Moousture DirectionsWith the help of a direction pad, new gestures can be created by simply mentioning their numbers in an order like:

gstr.addGesture([4,3,2,1,0,], functionName); would be a "u" character.

The Moousture is also compatible with most of the mobile devices (including iPhone).

The library website includes a demo worth-checking which can display a menu with a mouse gesture.

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