Create Instant Site Tours: Amberjack v2

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Creating a FAQ page or knowledgebase is one of the musts for a web application. However, sometimes, this is not enough and users may require for more details.

In such situations "site tours" or even "page tours" become very handy as users can learn any details about the application visually.

Amberjack v2, the new and improved version of the instant site tour generator Amberjack, powers you with the tools to create a better "help" experience.

Amberjack 2

It is simply a JavaScript library which you can define:

  • the steps of the site tour
  • content of the every step
  • behavior of them (will it open a new URL or target an element in the webpage)
  • look & feel (opacity, color, etc.)

Compared to the 1st version, Amberjack v2 now supports in-page steps, element targeting and better customization.

The library is not documented yet and the JS file + usage can only be seen inside the source code.

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