Create Micro Image Galleries Easily With jQuery

Post pobrano z: Create Micro Image Galleries Easily With jQuery

The usage of images in web pages is sometimes difficult as, in order to keep the story going, we may need to keep the content/image ratio at a specific level.

However, more images are always good to define and support the content better.

Micro Image Gallery is a jQuery plugin which can help solving this issue by displaying multiple images in limited spaces easily.

Micro Image Gallery

It simply transforms a list of images into a micro gallery that supports switching between a grid view (preview of images) and a single view.

The navigation bar is also customizable; it can be hidden and sliding out when hovering over the gallery, or visible.

In the grid-view, it can display up to 9 images at once (supports paging for more) and will re-size the images automatically according to the selected gallery size.

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