CU3OX: Create 3D Flash Image Sliders With No Coding

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CU3OX is a free software (for Windows or Mac OS) that enables you to create beautiful and 3D Flash image sliders.

It has support for multiple transition effects like cubic, bounce or elastic where each of them can be customized with:

  • the number of pieces
  • tween type
  • z-distance
  • distance
  • time
  • delay and more


Besides adding images locally, it can get them from Flickr or PhotoBucket and upload with the built-in FTP engine.

Once creating the slider is completed, the software simply generates the code to be inserted inside the web page.

In order to edit the gallery, it is not required to use CU3OX again, updating XML files will be enough.

The output of the software is very similar to CU3ER, the popular 3D Flash image slider where the main difference is "this being a desktop version".

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