eCSStender: A JavaScript Library To Take Control Of Your CSS

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eCSStender is an open source JavaScript library, created by Aaron Gustafson, that helps browsers (including IE6) pay attention to the CSS code you write.

It aims to prevent the usage of browser-specific properties & hacks but make leaner & meaner CSS possible.


eCSStender is an extendible library with its API support & has ready-to-use extensions like CSS3 selectors, @font-face, rotation & more.

How does it work?

  • it loops through the document's stylesheets and begins collecting information
  • parses the rules it understands
  • checks if the parsed rules are supported by the extensions
  • applies the supported rules to the document via JavaScript

It is a very flexible library & well-documented that makes discovering the capabilities easier.

The download package includes examples which you may be surprised to see CSS rotation working even in IE6.

To better findout how functional eCSStender can be, check this presentation of Aaron Gustafson at the "An Event Apart Chicago 2009":

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