Fortune3 Shopping Cart Giveaway – Winners Announced

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A week ago, WRD had introduced Fortune3 which is a full-featured shopping cart application and giveaway of 3*6-month licenses of any plan wanted.

If you commented to that article for joining the giveaway, make sure to check the end of this post to find out if you are one of the winners.

In case you missed:

What is Fortune3?

It is a hosted shopping cart application with 24/7 support to build an e-commerce website of any size.

The application simplifies managing the store with a "E-Commerce Wizard" desktop software which speeds up the whole process.


The design of the store of totally customizable, and it is integrated with all major "live shipping" providers (like UPS, FedEx or DHL), payment processors (including PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon, etc.) and accounting softwares (QuickBooks, PeachTree).

Both B2C and B2B business models are supported and several marketing tools like an integrated affiliate system, price/quantity based promotions, gift certificates, promo codes + newsletter system helps selling easier.

Fortune3's Social Shopping Cart App is an instant way to add a shopping cart to Facebook pages and reach social media users.

And, mobile apps allow you to reach your store anytime, anywhere.

The winners:

Here are the 3 winners for the any plan for 6 months of this ecommerce software:

  • dotcompals (comment #351445)
  • Niju mohan (comment #350929)
  • Nick (comment #350993)

Thanks to everyone for joining the giveaway and congratulations to the winners (hope they create awesome and sucessful e-commerce websites).

Special Downloads:
Ajaxed Add-To-Basket Scenarios With jQuery And PHP
Free Admin Template For Web Applications
jQuery Dynamic Drag’n Drop

Professional XHTML Admin Template ($15 Discount With The Code: WRD.)
Psd to Xhtml
SSLmatic – Cheap SSL Certificates (from $19.99/year)

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