Free Apps & Programs for Digital Wireframing

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A traditional designer might prefer pencil and paper for wireframing. This is still a popular choice and for good reason: it works. But some designers are moving into the digital realm for wireframing mobile interfaces and general website layouts.

The following applications are completely free to use and come equipped with everything you’d need. Some are web applications while others are programs you download and install on your computer. Either way these are perfect for anyone who wants to get into wireframing without the pecuniary commitment.


moqups design webapp


cacoo wireframing webapp

UX Pin

ux pin wireframing tool webapp


justinmind prototyping wireframing tool


mockflow wireframing tool webapp


mockingbird free tool wireframing

Simple Diagrams

diagrams webapp wireframing tool


iplotz webapp wireframing tool

Lovely Charts

lovely charts wireframing tool


inkscape free vector wireframing tool

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