Free Landing Page With All The Source Codes (HTML-CSS And PSD)

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Few weeks ago, RightBanners, a company focused on creating custom banners and landing pages, contacted me asking to review their service.

Besides experiencing the service, I though this was a great chance to provide a handy freebie to WRD readers. I placed an order for a landing page just like any other customer and gone through the whole process. You can find out what working with RightBanners is like and download the landing page they created below.

Free Landing Page

The ordering process was very easy: I wrote the details of the project which was for a non-existing/virtual open source app named Media Presenter (a photo gallery web app).

I simply provided the logo, described the landing page I had in mind with the list of menu items and some of the content. I also shared examples of landing pages I liked so that RightBanners guys can have an idea of my style.

They use a ticketing system which is great. I can contact the RightBanners team and view the correspondence thread any time. The communication process was very smooth. RightBanners team asked for some other details. I added some extra information and they came up with 2 landing page designs the next day.

Free Landing Page

I selected one of them and requested a couple of changes on it. The new screenshot arrived the next day which was pretty fast.

At the end, I was happy with the result, approved the design. RightBanners created the HTML-CSS markup (via their sister service PSD2HTML) and it arrived within 2 days with the PSD source.


I was satisfied with the service, they were always there to reply and things worked pretty fast. I believe that this is their way of working but not because that order was for a review. If you are looking for a landing page or banner design service, you should definitely give them a try.


P.S. The free landing page template can be used in free or commercial websites with no attributions. Only, it can not be distributed without permission.

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