Free Open Source Icon Web Fonts for Designers

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Most modern web browsers support the latest CSS3 properties and have seen a growing adoption by audiences around the world. Web fonts are quite popular and only getting easier to include in a typical HTML5 website. But one of the best solutions with this newer technology would be icon web fonts.

Web designers can include fonts made with icons to embed scalable icons into any layout. This gallery below includes 15 free open source icon web fonts you can download and use in any project(s). New icon fonts are released every year and it has become a very popular means of achieving clean user interface design.

Captain Icon

captain icon github open source webfont


entypo web font iconset design freebie


icomoon web font icons design freebie


socicon social icons webfont freebie


typicons free icon set webfont designers tool

OpenWeb Icons

open web icons webfont iconset free


meteorologist icons meteoicons webfont set

Open Iconic

open source webfont icons iconic svg set

Font Awesome

font awesome website icons iconset webfont


linecons free vector iconset download


sosa ten by twenty icons webfont freebie


elusive icon font gallery github freebie


fontelico open source webfont icons iconset


maki font fontello webfont icons


brandico brands social networks webfont icon set

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